Exclusiv-Interview with Adam Sotelo (Perseveration)

Here is our Interview with Adam Sotelo for our english speaking readers! Cat: Everyone is talking about your upcoming movie. Who is the man behind PERSEVERATION? ADAM SOTELO: Me, Adam Sotelo, a 21 year old, From Wayne NJ. I came up with the concept for the film actually a few years ago but never bothered to write a script until recently.. There are a few people who agreed to help me with this project… Honestly…  I dont think this movie would be possible without them. Between Dean Luis my director of photography, Hamid Alizadeh who is my sound and lighting technician and Ricky Lucien Lorenzo who is assisting both Dean and Hamid, the amount of work these guys put in is amazing. Not to...
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Exclusive-Interview with Lin Shaye

Our interview with the awesome Lin Shaye for our english speaking readers. I hope you like it! Cat: Insidious was a great success in the USA. Now the movie starts in Germany. What can the fans expect? L.SHAYE: You can expect a wonderful “thrill ride!”…..the film builds slowly, and is really somewhat of a “realistic” family drama, that “gets turned on its head.”  The traditional “safe” places for us all….our family, and our home, are “invaded” in a frightening and gradual way that promotes discomfort, chills, squeals and at times, genuine fear. Get ready to hold hands with the person next to you….you may even end up on their lap!
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Interview with Nick Principe (Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2)

Here is the Interview with Nick Principe for our english speaking readers. Enjoy it!
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Exclusiv – Interview with Elissa Dowling

Here is the Interview with Elissa Dowling for our english speaking readers. Elissa is well known for her roles in DAHMER VS GACY, DREAD or ABSOLUTE EVIL.
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