Interview with Nick Principe (Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2)

Here is the Interview with Nick Principe for our english speaking readers. Enjoy it!

Cat: Hi Nick, Thank you for taking the time. You are best known for the character ChromeSkull in LAID TO REST. How did you get this fantastic job?
NICK: I had first worked with Rob Hall on a silly movie around 2006 directed by Robert Englund …we both took the low paying job because …well…we wanted to work with Freddy! I mean I think we both would have done it for free if Robert wore the glove and sweater every day! But we talked and Hall found out my favorite sub-genre of horror is slasher films….the seed was planted then. Fast forward to 2008 and we were both at the Wrong Turn two screening….and he asked me to be his killer…I just kind of looked at him like“ do you even have to ask?“ Of course I said yes and here we are.

Cat: You made also a few stunts. How’d it go?
NICK: I’m more comfortable doing stunts than acting….stunts are physical pain and endurance….acting to me is mental and sub conscious pain….I’m a bigger fan of physical pain. I have a huge martial arts background and used to fight semi pro on the east coast and that’s what got me into stunts…which led to acting. But stunts are fun and comes very easy to me.

Cat: CHROMESKULL: LAID TO REST 2 is ready to be released. What can we expect from the movie?
NICK: I’m not great at shameless self-promoting but if you liked/loved laid to rest 1….you will FUCKING LOVE part 2…it has double point five the kills of the first and a very fast pace. Rob really listened to fans of what they’d like to see for a sequel and ran with it, it’s very straight forward. Chromeskull is VERY pissed he doesn’t have a face anymore, and he wants to take it out on YOU, that was my thinking when playing him this time.

Cat: Danielle Harris and Brian Austin Green share the screen with you. How was it to work with them?
NICK: This was my second job with Danielle and my first with Brian. Dan is always a pleasure. She’s been doing this since she was like 8? And she’s my age now. So she knows how to bring her A game. I had a few scenes with Brian and he was a total pro.

Cat: And you have a very hot tattoo at the back, if I may so express myself.
NICK: Ha….I have a bunch of tattoos on my back from top to bottom but I’m assuming you’re talking about my Chromeskull tattoo on my spine that says“ born to kill“. I had been planning on getting a CS tattoo on my leg because I have 7 horror icon faces on my leg and since Chromey was my first big slasher I was gonna get it there…but the film needed tattoo footage so I offered my back….and that was that…HA…NEVER doubt my dedication for a film!

Cat: You’re a big horror fan. What’s your favorite movie?
NICK: That is the hardest question you can ask a horror fan I name just one is hard…for me it like…what’s my favorite zombie film? Or slasher? Or supernatural? And so on….too many rad category’s to name just one. BUT if I gotta cram to save a long winded reply, it would either be THE RETURN OF THE EVIL DEAD also known as THE TOMB OF THE BLIND DEAD 2….or John Carpenters THE THING….I can watch that movie endlessly.

Cat: What kind of music do you like most?
NICK: Depends on my mood but I was raised in boston mass and the Hardcore punk scene is AMAZING there. I grow up with the inception of bands like Converge and the hope conspiracy and I’ve played in a lot of HC bands. I even played 8 days in germany! I remember the Knick Knack Club in Berlin….and a really big venue in Hamburg and Cologne.  Anyway, I also listen to a lot of Grindcore Bands like Rotten Sound and Pig Destroyer, but since I also grew up in a urban area so hip hop is just the sound of the streets and while I didn’t like it much as a kid it grew on me over the years. I like anything I think has heart….honesty in its sound that can transcend genres. I’m big on lyrics.

Cat: You’re next movie, directed by newcomer Eric England, called MADISON COUNTY. I viewed the trailer, which looks terrific. Surprise, you are the killer, again. How was the shoot?
NICK: Madison County was a BRUTAL shoot. It was out in the middle of nowhere, deep in the Arkansas woods….no life. Just REDNECKS. I don’t get along with those kinds of people very well, but the shoot itself was cool. It was just so many outside elements that were tough. But the film will be good…so that’s all that matters.

Cat: What can you tell us about your other upcoming projects? There is MONDO HOLOCAUSTO or THE SUMMER OF MASSACRE.
NICK: Those are both pretty damn cool movies that await a release date …and honestly can’t say much about them! But when they get release dates I can talk more about it!

Cat: You’re on the spot. What’s in the pipeline now?
NICK: Jeez I don’t know? As long as I can pay my rent doing the kinds of films I want and not compromise, I’ll be happy and continue to stay relevant in films….but as soon as the kinds of role I don’t want to do are all that’s left…..i’ll move back east and play in another band or be a firefighter or something.

Cat: Thanks for the interview. We are looking forward to see you in germany!
NICK: Thanks so much!  I don’t know if horror conventions are big in Deutschland, but I’d love to do one if they are! Be well and fuck the bullshit!

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