Exclusiv – Interview with Elissa Dowling

Here is the Interview with Elissa Dowling for our english speaking readers. Elissa is well known for her roles in DAHMER VS GACY, DREAD or ABSOLUTE EVIL.

Cat: What’s the most blood you’ve been covered in?
ELISSA: Actually, it wasn’t onscreen. While I was in college I worked at a deli. The meat slicers they used were old and without proper guards. In the middle of preparing a construction worker’s roast beef sandwich, I heard a strange buzz. Whoops, there went my finger tip! Blood started shooting out of me like a sprinkler! Its mostly grown back now, just looks a little crooked is all. Don’t worry, I got my tetanus shot. Rabies… that’s another story. Gee, this mouthwash seems extra foamy!

Cat: You’ve played in Clive Barkers „Dread“. It’s a Story about the deepest fears. Did you have any fears?
ELISSA: Well, now I’m afraid of roast beef! (laughing) Only kiddin. Truthfully, not much scares me, I’m a tough little lady!

Cat: You’ll also be in Abolition and Dahmer vs.Gacy (not released in Germany yet). Can you talk about your roles in those movies?
ELISSA: In „Dahmer Vs. Gacy“ I play Jezebel, a very accommodating hitchhiker who accompanies Dahmer for one helluva ride. Lets just say, I die a somewhat ironic death. Fortunately for Dahmer I didn’t get lock jaw!

I can’t say too much about my role as Mia in „Abolition“ until its been released. What I can tell you that shooting in Toronto was a absolute blast! I also have to say that I’m particularly proud to have been a part of making it so I hope you’ll check it out!

Cat: Manson Rising. A rumor or a fact?
ELISSA: I’ll tell you what is a fact, I would really like to see that bad boy made! It’s got a great cast. Another fact: I have signed a contract but as you know in this business, you can’t count on anything until the camera is rolling.

Cat: What’s your favorite horror movie and why?
ELISSA: I would have to say „The Shining“. All the performances in the film are very strong but beyond that psychological horror gets a real scare out of me.

Cat: And whats your favorite horror – character?
ELISSA: Well, if you’re asking who scared me the most I’d have to say the Wicked Witch of the West probably because of my age at the time, but I guess that doesn’t really qualify as horror. Hmmm, tough question.
I really love Bella Lugosi as Dracula, that could be my bias toward a fellow Hungarian.

Cat: Between takes, what did you do to de-stressor or get out of that headspace?
ELISSA: Most often I just bust out in song! Things like „Oklahoma“ or „You Can’t Always Get What You Want“. Either that or I do the Irish Jig, poorly I’m afraid.

Cat: In the movie „Absolute Evil“ you played David Carradine’s Wife. He’s passed on. How was the collaboration with him?
ELISSA: I learned a lot from David, he was a legend after all. The man had a very powerful presence and he had a great sense of humor. It felt like the best of what we came up with together was improvisational. We seem to bounce off each other well.

Cat: What kind of music do you like?
ELISSA: My theme song in life is Jimmy Hendrix’s „Little Wing“. Mostly, I listen to Rock and Roll from the 60’s and 70’s and some early blues. I regularly perform in a Blues duo here in Hollywood. We’re actually called „The Blues“. We opened for Joey Belladonna of „Anthrax“ recently. I really love to sing. I think it’s because a woman who sings the blues can harmonize with the downside of life and it kind of gives her the upper hand. If you make music your one and only love, it keeps you from having your heart broken.

(Listen to Elissa’s Music HERE)

Cat: Thank you for your time. We hope to see you soon in Germany.
ELISSA: Somebody out there cast me, I need some Gugelhupf!

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