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Exclusive-Interview with The Butcher Babies

Das Interview mit den BUTCHER BABIES kam außerordentlich gut an, nur ist es für „english native speaker“ mitunter schwer oder auch gar nicht nachzuvollziehen.

Aus diesem Grund wagen wir ein bisher einmaliges Experiment und veröffentlichen auf mehrfache Anfrage das Interview mit den knapp bekleideten „Metzger Mädchen“ in der englischen Originalversion.

Für die „german native speakers“ dürfte dies zurecht gewöhnungsbedürftig sein, daher sei an dieser Stelle noch einmal explizit erwähnt, dass es sich bei dieser „Maßnahme“ um einen Versuch handelt, die Sprachbarrieren auf internationaler Ebene zu beseitigen, die es unseren nicht aus Deutschland stammenden Fans erschwert, unseren Artikeln Sinn abzugewinnen.

Carla Harvey (Foto by Xavier Miranda)

Carla Harvey (Foto by Xavier Miranda)

HP: The show of the BUTCHER BABIES is a mix of metal, rock, sex and the atmosphere of a bloody horror movie. Which movie inspired you the most to make such a bloody adult show or which influences came together, to create such a monster of a show?

BB: Who doesn’t like boobs and blood, right? Our show embodies things the general public tends to fear…sex, heavy rock music, and death. We are influenced by slasher flicks like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, House of 1000 Corpses, and The Devils rejects…movies about real life social rejects on the fringes of society. All of us in the band have been social rejects in one way or another, and our music and stage show are our release.

HP: Tell us something about the line-up. Who are the BUTCHER BABIES?

BB: Butcher Babies is the brain child of Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd on vocals, Henry Flury on guitar, Jason Klein on bass, Chris Warner on drums.

The BUTCHER BABIES - Chris Warner, Heidi Shepherd, Jason Klein, Carla Harvey, Henry Flury (Foto by DJ Imagery)

Chris Warner, Heidi Shepherd, Jason Klein, Carla Harvey, Henry Flury (Fotos by DJ Imagery)

HP: What was first: the songs or the idea for the show?

BB: We had an idea of what we wanted our show to look like; we knew that we wanted to involve gore and wear nipple tape, but we also knew that if we were going to do that, we would need to write songs that would top our “look.” We needed to write great metal songs that would make people forget that we go on stage practically topless. We think we have succeeded in that, and our songs are getting even better!

HP: Since when does the band exist?

BB: Heidi and Carla have been working together for about 3 years, but the band as it stands now has been together for about a year and a half. It has been a crazy year, and we have come really far in a short period of time. We have some great people behind us like our sponsors SCHECTER GUITARS and JÄGERMEISTER.

HP: Where did the name BUTCHER BABIES come from and who had the idea?

BB: We are big fans of Wendy O. Williams. We took the name from the PLASMATICS-Song „Butcher Baby„. Wendy was a bad ass…she didn’t give a fuck what anyone thought…we share that spirit.

PLASMATICS - Butcher Baby - EP-Cover

PLASMATICS – Butcher Baby – EP-Cover

HP: What kind of band or music style inspires you?

Carla Harvey: We all have different influences, mine range from the Anti Nowhere League to Soundgarden, but cohesively high energy metal inspires all of us. I’d say Rob Zombie and Pantera are great examples of bands that inspire our music.

Heidi Shepherd: Slipknot and System of A Down are also prime examples of our style of writing and stage show.

HP: Is there an artist or a band, dead or alive, you would like to play with?

Carla Harvey: Personally, I’d love to share a stage with Mike Patton…he is a dynamic and diverse vocalist and definitely and influence. As for dead musicians…it would be pretty awesome to have the late and great Dimebag Darrell jam with The Butcher Babies!

Heidi Shepherd: I’d really love to share the stage with Marilyn Manson someday. He has been an inspiration to me since I first heard his music in the 90s. I’m also a huge Korn fan and would be so honored to play on the same stage with the whole band.

Heidi Shepherd (Foto by Xavier Miranda)

Heidi Shepherd (Foto by Xavier Miranda)

HP: What is the difference between a show of the BUTCHER BABIES and a gig of a regular rock band?

BB: Butcher Babies put on a SHOW and a rock concert. It’s like going to see Alice Cooper, Gwar, or even Slipknot. We combine a theatrical presence with balls out rock n roll.

HP: Which BUCTHER BABIES song is the most important song for the band history or still your favourite evergreen?

Carla Harvey: I think that our song „Blonde Girls All Look The Same“ is important because it was the first song we wrote together as a band. We are releasing it as our first single in a couple weeks! My personal favorite is a song called Mr. Slow Death, because the lyrics hold special meaning for me.

Heidi: Blonde Girls All Look the Same is my favorite song of our set too, because we start our show with it and the song really, musically, describes exactly who we are. The song channels in my Butcher Babies character and keeps my heart pumping through out the entire set.

The BUTCHER BABIES live on Stage (Foto by Buck Williamson)

The BUTCHER BABIES live on Stage (Foto by Buck Williamson)

HP: You play a cover of the PANTERA song „Fucking Hostile„. That is pretty amazing! What did PANTERA fans say about that cover?

Carla Harvey: Pantera fans are extremely die hard so the last thing we want to do is play Fucking Hostile half ass. Whenever we play it, the crowd goes crazy! They love seeing two girls belt that one out, and the guys in the band play the shit out of the song!

Heidi Shepherd: We worked really hard to make that song the perfect closer. It slaps the fans in the face with a Metal anthem. People really LOVE seeing us emulate the energy and pride of Pantera.

HP: What is your actual record and where can interest people find information about your music, the tour dates or new releases?

BB: We are almost done recording our first album, tentatively titled “welcome to the Meat Show.” It should be available in about a month! Find us on Facebook or Twitter!

HP: What are your plans for the near and the far future?

BB: We have a lot in the works, including a comic book that Carla wrote about our band that is premiering at the Comic Con 2011 in San Diego the biggest comic book convention in the world!

The BUTCHER BABIES Comic (Illustrated by Anthony Winn)

The BUTCHER BABIES Comic (Illustrated by Anthony Winn)

The comic is being illustrated by Anthony Winn (one of Stan Lee’s artists), and it is coming out amazing! It features the Butcher Babies as an elite team of Serial Killer hunters. We also will be on the road late this summer and fall … we’d really like to tour Germany!

HP: Robert Rhine and his magazine GIRLS & CORPSES, published pictures of your front-women Carla and Heidi. What was it like, to work with Robert?

BB: Robert is an amazing guy, we’ve appeared on two covers for him, done a ton of events with him, and recently appeared on German TV with him. He is a big Butcher Babies supporter. We love Girls and Corpses magazine because it makes light of the thing everyone fears the most … death.

Carla und Heidi in GIRLS & CORPSES

Carla and Heidi in GIRLS & CORPSES

HP: Which is your favourite horror-figure?

Carla Harvey: My favorite all time horror icon is Leatherface…I have a crush on him!!

Heidi Shepherd: Michael Myers character in the Rob Zombie version of Halloween is my favorite. He was so creepy and full of evil.

HP: Thank you for the interview!

Carla Harvey: Thanks for having us!!

Heidi Shepherd: Thank you SO much we cant wait to be out in Germany to meet everyone!

The BUTCHER BABIES Backstage-Party (Foto by Lindsay Golding)

The BUTCHER BABIES Backstage-Party (Foto by Lindsay Golding)

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