After we announced the german cinema-release date of the remake „LET ME IN“ we want to introduce you the actress Lina Leandersson. She plays the vampire in the original movie called „LET THE RIGHT ONE IN“. We wanted to know how she fared in the last years and so we got the interview.

HP:You play in the movie „LET THE RIGHT ONE IN“, the role of Eli. How did you get this job?
-I saw an ad on internet, and then I just applied for the work!

HP:How did you prepare yourself for the audition?
-I actually didn´t prepare for the audition at all. I had never been to an audition so I didn´t have any experience at all.

HP:Did you like it to play Eli?
-Yes, I loved to play Eli! She is a very special character so it´s hard to not like her. I´m very grateful that I was the one who got the honor to play Eli!

HP:Do you have some similarities with the role and what do you like on her?
-It is a hard question. I mean, I like everything about Eli. First of all – she´s a vampire, how cool is that? And second of all she´s so kind hearted and wise. Eli is extraordinary, she´s a girl (or a boy) in a child´s body but a mind as an 100 years old.

HP:Which scene was the hardest to play?
-The hardest scene was when Oskar cut his self in the hand and when Eli licked up the blood at the floor. It was hard because I had to change Eli´s mode very quickly. First she was like a calm and happy person, and one second later she became a hungry vampire.

HP:Was it hard to play the cold scenes outside where you were barefoot?
-It was actually not so hard. Everybody took so good care of me, and they make sure I was warm directly after the shooting.

HP:What was the scariest scene at the set and why?
-The scene when I sit in a window and waves to Oskar! I thought it was so high.

HP:The end-scene plays in a train. Oscar is travelling to somewhere. Beside him stands a suitcase where Eli is in. Did you were really in it?
-That´s a secret!

HP:Have you got along with Tomas Alfredson and the rest of the team?
-Yes I did. I was kind of young, but they was always aware of me and let me be a part of the team.

HP:How long took it untill the movie was finished?
-I have no idea actually. I think I was shooting for like one or two months, but I don´t know how long it took to finish the hole movie.

HP:Was there a scene in this film that was deleted that you were sad to see go?
-No, I think everything got perfect. I don’t feel that something missing.

HP:How was the feeling when you saw the whole movie for the first time?
-The only what I had feeled was that i have been shocked. I on a big screen in a cinema, and my idols was looking at a movie that I was playing in? I was in a shock.

HP:Have you seen the remake „Let me in“ and when yes do you like it?
-No I haven´t. I liked “Låt den rätte komma in” so much, so it´s kind of unnecessary for me to look at “Let me in”.

HP:How have your life changed after the movie?
-Not much at all. My life just keep on going. The only different is that I have got at very good experience.

HP:So, when you go out, the people know who you are?
-No I don´t think so. I look a lot older now and in sweden you don’t care so much if someone been in a movie. Or you care, but you don´t like go and ask for a autograph or so.

HP:Then you live a normal teenager-life?
-Yes I do. I go to school, study and hang out with my friends, like everyone else.

HP:Do you have any movie projects for the future?
-Yes I have! I´m very exited.

HP:What’s your favorite horrormovie?
-A classic one – “The shining”. I love Jack Nicholson in that movie, he´s  just great.

HP:What are your hobbys and what kind of music do you like?
-Some of my hobby´s (except from theater) is music, boxing, writing and politic. I love to talk and discuss things, so politic fits me perfect. I like all kind of music, but I often listen to RnB and Hip hop. Chris Brown and King´s of leon does always good songs.

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