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After over 14,000 votes, it is certain: Bianca Barnett has won the GOLDEN COB in the category „Best Rising B Actress“ with the Movie IN A SPIRAL STATE. She gets famous with „Albino Farm“ where she plays Pig Bitch. In addition to the film business Bianca is also active as a model.


HP: Let’s start with one of the biggest questions: How do you come to act as a Horror actor?
BB: My first experience in horror was for a film called Canes, with Edward Furlong. I answered an ad from an FX company looking for people comfortable wearing prosthetic makeup. We were transformed into this amazing piece of artwork- a painting of twisted tree like demons that comes to life. In person, the completed effect was amazing, but sadly it is barely seen in the film. I would later learn that a grueling 15 hour day often becomes only a second on screen. If you blink, you miss it! From my experience with prosthetic makeup on Canes, I landed the role as “Pig Bitch” for Albino Farm, which was my first large budget film.

HP: You take part at a Contest for the best B Movie Actress in the last years.
What exactly is this for a price and where to cast his vote?
BB: Yes! I am nominated for a Golden Cob Award as the Best Upcoming B Movie Actress! You can vote for me here. Thank you so much!
(The vote is already done)

HP: You act in the movie „Albino Farm“. How do you came to the job and do you enjoy it?
BB: I wore the makeup for at least 12 to 14 hours a day which was brutal. When I was doing my scenes, it was fantastic and I had such an adrenaline rush. When I had to wait between scenes, I felt like I was going to die! It was definitely a trial by fire, but I would not be where I am today if I had not done it. I am truly grateful for the opportunity it presented.

HP: Was it hard to act as pig bitch and how long did you have to wait until the mask was finished?
BB: Initially, another actress had my part in Albino Farm, but the makeup was too difficult for her to wear.In hindsight, I can definitely understand her reservations. If you are claustrophobic, the Pig Bitch makeup would freak you out completely as vision and breathing were impaired. I ended up getting very sick after the film wrapped because the working conditions were just vicious and intense.

HP: What was the scariest Scene at the set and why?
BB: While shooting Albino Farm on location at the Fantastic Caverns, a wicked thunder storm came through. I was heading back to my trailer when lightning struck so close that I could feel the heat coming off of the bolt of lightning and the air smelled like something was burning. One of the crew members actually got shocked! It was terrifying and I was in full Pig Bitch makeup! All I remember thinking was that I did NOT want to die while wearing this hideous makeup!

HP: Do you enjoy posing for photos?
BB: Oh, I love it and I always have. I think I have been having fun in front of the camera as a model for many years. It is definitely a passion of mine.

HP: Have you a role model as an actress?
BB: I love Cate Blanchett, Chloe Sevigny Winona Ryder, Christina Ricci, Eva Green, Ashley Judd, Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, and many more! They are talented and glamorous and have their own sense of style.

HP: What’s your favorite Horrormovie?
BB: Only one? I would choose Interview with the Vampire because of the beautiful costumes, images, and scenery.

HP: What’s the must-have in Horrormovies in your opinion?
BB: Classics from the 1970s and 1980s are the best.  Alien(s), An American Werewolf in London, Halloween, Friday the 13th, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Lost Boys,  The Burning, Don’t Go Into the Woods, Sleepaway Camp- I love slasher movies that take place in the woods! They combine my two favorite topics- nature and death.

HP: Do you have any Horror projects for the future?
BB: I just finished filming scenes for Dead Inside, directed by Pearry Teo, and My Sucky Teen Romance which was directed by Emily Hagins. I am about to start work on my scenes in the dark comic, Gingerstein: Rise of the Undead, created by Dennis Willman. Albino Farm will be playing on Showtime channels starting in July 2011.

HP: If you were a horror character, who would you be?
BB: I must admit that I love vampires! I would love to play someone really dark like Elizabeth Bathory, or a similar character. I haven’t been offered a dream role yet, but hopefully that will happen soon and you will see more of me on screen in the future!

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