Exclusiv Interview with Aleksander Nordaas and Silje Reinåmo


THALE was the norwegian contribution on the Fantasy Filmfest 2012. For us a impressive work that has a lot to talk about. So we have asked director and writer Aleksander Nordaas including main actress Silje Reinåmo for an interview!

ThaleHorrorpilot: Aleksander, THALE tells a special story, how did you get into to make a movie about it?

Aleksander: We knew we wanted to do a story based in the Norwegian mythology, and the huldra has always been my personal favourite creature. She’s a very intriguing creature, being portrayed in so many different ways in our folklore; from a vicious devil-like creature to a being who’s kind to you if you’re kind to her. So there were many possible apporaches to the character of the huldra that spoke to me as a storyteller.

Horrorpilot: Do myths influence you outside your work as a moviemaker?

Aleksander: Yes, absolutely – I’ve always been fond of myths and fantasy, in everything from the smaller things in ordinary people, to books, video games and movies.

Horrorpilot: What is special about THALE?

Aleksander: I find it diffucult to look objectively at my own work, especially THALE, since we spend about three years producing it – in the end, one’s pretty blinded. But we’re told THALE’s an original creature feature, with the storyline and characters in focus, as oppose to the more „standard“ horror/fantasy film. And if this is true, I’m absolutely happy!

Horrorpilot: Was it easy to endear the project to the producers or do you had to fight for it?

Aleksander: It was actually pretty easy 🙂 I co-own the production company Yesbox Productions with my producer, Bendik Strønstad, and we were both equally as eager to do THALE. In Norway, we’re lucky to have the possibility of getting films state-funded, but at the same time there’s a lot of competition and procedures getting these fundings. So, as young and impatient filmmakers, we didn’t want to wait for a likely application rejection, so we just started shooting without any fundings.

Horrorpilot: Is there someone or something, what influenced you as director?

Aleksander: I dare say everyday life. But opposed to many filmmakers finding inspiration IN it, I want OUT of it. I don’t want to explore the life I already know, the stuff I go through every day. So for me, my job as a filmmaker is a little escape from reality, if you’d like 🙂

Thale - Writer-Director Aleksander L. NordaasHorrorpilot: Have you always wanted to make movies?

Aleksandser: Yes, at least to tell stories. In addition to movies, I also write novels, children’s books and so on – as well as doing photography and digital art – so you can say I like to explore the medias. There’s much to learn and to enjoy in every art and genre, but yes, movies is of course on the top of my list.

Horrorpilot: You worked a few times with the main actors before. How did you came together?

Aleksander: Most of us started working together on our first feature film „Sirkel“ back in 2004. It was a smaller „student“ feature“, but it gave us the professional and friendship basis for upcoming projects. We’ve almost grown up in the film world together. It’s very rewarding knowing your actors inside out, then you know what they’re capable of. „Thale“ was actually written with the tree main characters in mind, and they were also involved in the script process.

Horrorpilot: Silje, now I want to know, what you can tell us about Aleksander as director?

Silje: First of all he is very visual, he has got his own unique style which I think the world will pay attention to in the years to come. It is a very significant look. He is very hard working as well as multi talented. He has got a great imagination. When working with him he is positive, patient and calm. I totally rely on him- which was very important for me when filming Thale. It also helps that he is a really nice guy and always have been.

ThaleHorrorpilot: So will you work together with Aleksander in future?

Silje: I sure hope so! He is the worlds next big film director- I know it.

Horrorpilot: Despite the fact that you were naked are a large part of the shooting, you play your role very confidently. Was it as easy as it looks?

Silje: Thank you! No it wasn’t as easy as it looks. I felt totally naked literally during parts of the filming. Some days after filming I was feeling very exhausted. Like I had given away bits of myself. Which I guess you do in every role- but this was a different feeling. It was all worth it though!

Horrorpilot: How was it for you to play a non-human being? Was it a special act of defiance?

Silje: It is quite the same process, especially because Thale has the emotions of a human being. But I had to read a lot about the huldra obviously, especially to create her body language. But that was more of a gift than an obstacle.

Horrorpilot: What kind of character have you always wanted to play someday?

Silje: Any character is interesting as long as it´s good writing. I feel very versatile as an actress. Both look wise and in range of emotions. I have said before in an interview that I would love to portray a person that has lived or a famous fictional character. That is a huge challenge for any actress. Actually I am involved with a project which could be the role of my dreams, but it is still very early in the project to say anything about.

Horrorpilot: What mean this role for you Silje?

Silje: It is my first leading role on the big screen, so it has meant so much to me. Also because I absolutely fell in love with the part. Still when I watch the film, I can feel what she is feeling. I want to protect her. I think you want to protect Thale when you are watching it. And that is partly what I wanted the audience to experience also.

ThaleHorrorpilot: Aleksander, what’s the special about Thale as character? And how much did she influence the life of the people around her?

Aleksander: Not to spoil too much for your readers, I think I’ll leave that answer pretty open:) But yes, she’s a peculiar kind of character, one that we’ll get to know – both her being and her story – through the eyes of two crime scene cleaners. Maybe things aren’t quite what they seem?:)

Horrorpilot: Are you interessted in making more horror movies in future?

Aleksander: Absolutely – as long as I’m able to find the right approach. I need to find my voice and substance in the genre, and I’ve really just started exploring it – so I’m excited to continue!

Horrorpilot: So what is your next project?

Aleksander: They’re currently in development, and will be announced shortly 🙂 If anyone of your readers would like to stay updated, or check out other projects, I’d be very happy to receive visitors at www.aleksandernordaas.com or Facebook !

I’m sure you will! Thank you very much for the interview, you too Silje! Of  cause you can find her on Facebook also!

Um das Interview auf Deutsch zu lesen, klick HIER!

Aleksander Nordaas Silje Reinåmo

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